The Cocktail Party Podcast is a new show that promises 30% fun and 70% information. Our goal is to introduce you to a variety of topics and arm you with enough information that you could speak about them semi-intelligently should that topic arise at a social event (say, perhaps, a cocktail party). You won't be a subject matter expert, but you also won't sound like an idiot. Maybe you have to meet your significant other's coworkers, or are going on a blind date, or are at a hypothetical future cocktail party. Don't default to talking about the weather.  Ask smart questions and have fulfilling discussions.

As with many of history's greatest endeavors, the concept for the podcast was conceived over a cigar and cocktail at the Havana Garage in Omaha's Old Market district by two info-maniacs with a penchant for podcasts and learning a little bit about anything and everything. We love to celebrate local restaurants, breweries, and businesses. Each week we feature a different beer or cocktail to "inspire" some lively discussion.

See you on the pod! (Pairs best with IPA's or any local beer)




Sean Gill

For a living, I am a portfolio manager for an options-based hedge fund in the Omaha area.

Pro bono, I am a husband, brother, proud German Shepherd dog dad, avid reader, craft beer connoisseur, and lover of podcasts (shout out to Comedy Bang Bang, Freakonomics, and Pod Save the World). 

You can find me on Twitter @seangill13 or on Instagram @seangill13.



Cameron Kieffer

Hi! Cameron here. Big fan of running and science. Podcast enthusiast, especially Do By Friday, The Ringer NBA Show, and Planet Money.  

I am a Pharmacology PhD Candidate at Creighton University's School of Medicine. No that does not mean I am going to be a pharmacist.

You can find me on Twitter @CamKieff or at my website.